Georgia Legislators Need To Know

Money is tight. That’s no secret.

On January 14 — opening day of the 2013 session of the Georgia General Assembly — lawmakers will begin debating, among other things, the amended budget for Fiscal Year 2013 and the complete budget for Fiscal Year 2014.

With a limited amount of funds to work with, the legislators will have to make tough decisions about how the money should be allocated.

If supporters of the Georgia Archives want to see the budget increased, they must convince lawmakers that the agency is more deserving of funding than some other government function.

In my talks with Georgia legislators, I find that many know little about the Archives. One actually asked if the Archives was in Macon! If you have been talking to your legislators — which I sincerely hope you have — you probably have had the same experience.

The state government uses taxpayer money to fund a lot of things — important things like education and not-so-important things like… I’ll let you add your own ideas here.

It’s your money. You should have a say in how it is spent.

Start right here and let your thoughts be known on why the Georgia Archives is important to you as a Georgia citizen and taxpayer. Georgia lawmakers only are interested in comments from constituents, so please indicate the city in which you live.

I will get the ball rolling. The Georgia Archives is important because…

The information in the Georgia Archives is the permanent record of the state. The records in the Georgia Archives belong to the people of Georgia. State law requires that records be retained, preserved and made available to the public.

Vivian Price Saffold
Chamblee, Ga.

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