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Archives Month Proclamation Signing

Can you believe it has been a year since we all gathered at the state capitol for the signing of the 2012 Georgia Archives Month proclamation?

Last year Georgia Archives supporters had just learned of Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s plan to close the Archives to the public. Hundreds of angry people showed up at the governor’s proclamation signing event to protest the proposed closing.

Just as many people should show up this year, not to protest, but to thank Gov. Nathan Deal for his role in getting the Archives back on its feet — and to remind him that we will be diligent in supporting this great institution in the future.

The¬†Georgia Archives Month proclamation signing is scheduled for¬†Tuesday, Sept. 10. Attendees should gather in the governor’s office, Room 203 at the state capitol, at 10 a.m.

The number of people allowed to participate in the actual taking of the ceremonial photograph will be limited.

For more information on parking and directions:
Vivian Price Saffold


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