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New Research Material Added To Georgia Archives Website

The Georgia Archives announced today that all documents relating to the Names portion of File II are now online.

Genealogists and historians will recognize this important resource. Original documents indexed in the file are the most-often pulled for viewing by genealogists at the Archives, according to Archivist Steve Engerrand. Putting scans online will reduce handling of many fragile items.

Following is the description from the Archives Website:

File II is an artificial record series created by Georgia Archives staff beginning in the 1930s and arranged for easy alphabetical access by personal name to Archives records. The series includes: original documents removed from their government record series; typed transcripts of original documents made during WPA transcription projects during the late 1930s and early 1940s; Archives reference correspondence; clippings; and printed secondary research material.

This online collection includes only images of the original documents and transcripts. Because of the size of the collection, reference correspondence and secondary research material are not included.

Source location was not cited in File II. Original documents were removed from their context and all evidence of provenance has been lost. The collection includes correspondence to and from early governors, administrators and legislators and is particularly strong in antebellum Georgia records. Passports through Indian territory issued by Georgia governors are also filed here.

File II also has a number of segments that have not yet been scanned including pre-1800 File II, File II subjects, and File II Counties.

Funding for this online collection was provided by the R.J. Taylor, Jr., Foundation.

Vivian Price Saffold

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