Employees Still in Jeopardy

Secretary of State Brian Kemp took $730,000 out of the Archives budget. Gov. Nathan Deal restored $125,000.


Gov. Deal deserves a big “thank you.”


Anyone with basic math skills can see that some of the employees are still in jeopardy.


Vivian Price Saffold

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One response to “Employees Still in Jeopardy

  1. BJ

    I wish that Governor Deal and Brian Kemp would realize that the employees are the Georgia Archives. Knowledge loss is the biggest problem in a scenario like this. With a current staff of ten full-time employees, any further reduction in staffing will be a loss of knowledge, and, hence, access to the records. Veteran employees spend years learning the records. Archives are not libraries. The collections are unique and, thus, so are the catalogs and databases specifically designed for them. Knowledge of the collections cannot be passed on to new hires from the University System of Georgia if the veteran employees who know how to access the records are gone. If you let go of the knowledgeable staff, you might as well box up the records and place them in a warehouse. Money thrown at the problem after the knowledgeable staff is gone is money wasted. In order to save a little now, they risk losing the Georgia Archives altogether. It is sad that much of Georgia’s history will probably be lost forever.

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