The Fire Department and the Georgia Archives

Thought for the day:

How is the Fire Department like the Georgia Archives?

In case of a fire at your home or business, you dial 911. Fire-fighters arrive promptly with equipment to put out the fire. The Fire Department exists to protect people and property from unexpected catastrophe.

If you have a dispute over the title to your home, you call an attorney. That attorney researches deed records at the Georgia Archives. The Archives exists to protect the rights of people and property.

Secretary of State Brian Kemp wants to restrict public access to the Archives to appointments. He says this is justified because the Archives does not generate revenue.  The Fire Department does not generate revenue. Would you make an appointment for a fire-fighter?

If the budget of your local fire department were cut to the point that fire-fighters could not respond in timely fashion, citizens would demand funding.

Now is the time for citizens to demand that the governor and secretary of state work together to keep the Archives open.

Vivian Price Saffold



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2 responses to “The Fire Department and the Georgia Archives

  1. Vivian, I live nowhere near Georgia, but I wholeheartedly support your cause. What happens in Georgia over this dilemma will radiate to other cash-strapped public jurisdictions. Marginalizing our heritage and limiting access to its records is not the answer.

    Thank you for connecting with GeneaBloggers to help disseminate information about your efforts and progress. While I wish I’d never have to be reading about something like this, I’m glad you have taken the initiative to provide access to information on the Georgia Archives issue.

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